Eizper Chain
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EIZ is the core utility token of the Eizper Chain platform. The token will be structured as a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens.
The Eizper Chain economy is driven by its two distinct tokens - Gold & EIZ. While Gold is the off-chain in-game currency, EIZ is only available on-chain.
The core functions of the EIZ token are:
  • Purchase of NFTs -Rewards distribution for:
  • Token stackers Liquidity providers
  • In-game achievements like upgrading higher-tier weapons and armor, buying an entry ticket for the battle arena, unlocking another character slot, purchase a guild emblem and battle pass system.
  • Governance
The platform will distribute rewards to users who perform the following actions:
  • Stake the EIZ token
  • Provide liquidity for the EIZ/USDC pair on Raydium and stake the resulting LP tokens
The rewards will be distributed from a fixed supply reward pool. The rewards will be distributed on a daily basis and will be based on the outstanding tokens in the pool.
Replenishing the Reward Pool. The game rewards are the centerpiece of blockchain Play-to-Earn games and the driving force behind adoption. Although Eizper Chain has a generous reward pool, over time the rewards will be depleted. To counter the potential stress in the community, Eizper Chain will dedicate a part of its revenue to replenishing the reward pool.
Here is how this works in practice:
  • User 'A' comes to the platform and sells a rare sword for 10,000 EIZ tokens
  • The platform collects a 5% fee or 500 EIZ
  • 1/10th (50 tokens) of the fee is deposited in the reward pool and the remaining 450 tokens are used to fund the platform’s operations
  • If the reward pool reaches a level up to 60% of its original size, the tokens will be burned instead.