Blockchain-based ARPG Game

What makes Eizper Chain different from other blockchain-based ARPG games?

There are a few killer features from Eizper Chain that makes it different from any other similar games, unlike any other blockchain-based games Eizper Chain has a multi-tier weapon and armor system. Not many P2E games have similar ideas. Additionally, Eizper Chain has a multiplayer system that makes it more exciting to be played and keep player from getting bored. This multiplayer system is also one of the things that will enable them to embeded an e-sport element into the game.

Eizper Chain solves this problem by creating a user-friendly blockchain game for all traditional gamers. If you try Eizper Chain and go to their market place you can log in by using your email account and by that we have already created an Eizper wallet. So for a traditional gamer who wants to play the game, you don’t need to create your own wallet. You can play the game by connecting the NFT or Phantom Wallet to the game.

Basically, Eizper Chain tries to create a really fun-to-play game but still has the aspect of earning as well as the friendly UI/UX for traditional gamers.

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