Eizper Chain
Our Support
As the first Indonesian blockchain-based ARPG, we are proud to be backed by some big names in the blockchain and gaming space (Alameda Research, Crypto.com, Huobi Ventures, AAG Ventures, and Avocado DAO).
A little bit of back story on how Alameda Research invested in Eizper Chain: Eizper Team met Alameda Research in Lisbon and succeeded in making them invest in Eizper Chain in only 10 minutes. The reason is simply that Eizper Chain didn’t try to pitch investors with ideas and pitch deck only like other projects, but Eizper Team came with a ready-to-play game in their hand. Eizper Chain currently has more than 40 different entities (VCs, Game Guild, E-Sport Organisation, KOLs and Angels) as our investor and strategic partnership
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