Mobile Version

Since the Eizper Chain PC Close Beta version will be unavailable for new players on 7 September 2022, we have good news for every Eizperians out there.

As a game developer, Eizper Chain’s community is the reason for us to keep evolving thus we are now answering your questions to satisfy our loyal players. We are developing the Mobile Version to aim best experience and fun of Eizper Chain’s Play-and-Earn gameplay for as many devices and players as possible. There are many new features that will be added to the new mobile version.

Procedural Dungeon

Dungeons are procedurally generated, replayable multiple times, and can be added to dungeon modifiers like extra challenges or obstacles. All the dungeons you entered will never be the same. Unlike on the PC Version.

Customizable Status

Attributes are base traits, that an entity has. Every time a player levels up, the player will get a certain amount of AP (Attribute Points). Main attributes like STR (Strength), DEX (Dexterity), and INT (Intelligence) are also required to equip certain gear. New features up next, every player can freely customize the status of their character based on their play style.

Working Multiplayer

Multiplayer is encouraged for a better and more optimal experience to playing Eizper Chain. Now you can play Eizper Chain with your friends and conquer the realms together. Multiplayer gives more benefits like more EXP from killing monsters, better rewards when clearing dungeons, and raising the difficulty of the monsters and dungeons to gain more EXP and rewards.

Skill Tree

The Player already has access to all class's skill trees. Skills are also divided into chunks based on player level. If the player hasn’t reached a certain level, skills within that level region will be disabled/greyed out. Each skill has levels, and assigning skill points to that skill will increase its capabilities. Eizper Chain has 6 job classes and each job class has a different skill tree.

Aim Assist

With this new feature, players no longer worry about aiming their attacks. Every single attack will be easier to target enemies.

Chance to Parry / Block Enemy Attack

This feature allows players to resist attacks from enemies. So when playing players can not only attack but also be able to defend.

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