Non-Playable Characters

Playable Characters

Richelle Regenfall

Her twin sister Ryella, is known as a talented magician, but Richella is known as a beautiful girl with ability to heal others. Though she’s young, she has a talent in healing and broad knowledge about natural medicine. When Richelle makes potions from flowers, she secretly feels guilty everytime she plucks a flower. Even though Richella has a difficult relationship with her mother and doesn’t like wearing earrings, she keeps wearing earrings that her mother gave her.

Rudion Lowenhaus

A one legged man with a beard that is passionate about training young warriors of Windenfel. That’s how you describe Rudion Lowenhaus, the Arena Manager in Windenfel. Rudion lost his leg in one of the battles against chimera. He may have lost a leg but he didn’t lose his hope to win the war against the dark creatures. Thus, he continues to train Windenfel young warriors in hope that one day, a legendary warrior will be born from his Warrior’s Den.


Rudion trains you into a Warrior at the Battle Arena.

Chanty Singer

From healing potion, buff potion, to adventurer’s daily needs, Chanty provides them all. Her cheerful and talkative personality ensures all of her customers can comfortably purchase items from her. Sometimes some people buy items from her shop just to talk to her. Chanty lives only with her mother, Mery. As an innocent little girl, she never asked who or where her father was. But as she grows older she realizes that a woman needs a man to get pregnant. Though she loves her mother so much, and sees her as a great single mother, she hopes to find a dependable husband whom she can grow old with. Chanty wears glasses not because she has bad eyesight but because she loves to look like a smart nerdy girl.


Chanty provide all your in-game buying and selling needs.

Geovaldi De Mirci III

Geovaldi is someone to look for whenever adventurers need a blacksmith to forge weapons and armors. De Mirci’s family reputation is known from generation to generation as a blacksmith that is able to forge high quality weapons and armors. Weapon and armor forged by De Mirci smith is highly sought after due to its eminence to bond with its wielder. Despite his intimidating look, Geovaldi won’t dare to kill an insect if he’s unprovoked. Geovaldi lives with his wife and three children, and he’s ready to pass down his family’s knowledge and tradition to the fourth generation of De Mirci blacksmith.


He can forge whatever weapon you desire.

Mery Singer

As a Windenfel’s merchant, Mery has a keen eye for items sold in the market. She can tell which artifact or gizmo is rare and which one is common. Like mother-like daughter, Chanty’s ability to charm her customers is descended from Mery. But Mery’s charm toward her customers sometimes went overboard and turned into flirting with men (sometimes even with women). One day one of these flings resulted in her beloved daughter, Chanty. But don’t be fooled by Mery’s flirtatious nature, as she has sharp and trained senses that are absolutely impenetrable when it comes to trading.


Mery’s auctions also allow you to trade with other players in the marketplace

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