Playable Characters

Playable Characters


A sword user who was left by his parents when he was only 7 years old. He was left with nothing but the Blade of his father. Despite the trauma he has, this optimistic young man always dreams of all kinds of adventures. He believes that one day, an adventure will lead him to meet his parents again. Kriss is one of two characters that can be played for free.


Windswept Waltz Kriss does five attacks in succession, slashing and thrusting enemies to shreds.

Whirlwind Slash Kriss charges his sword and unleashes a spinning slash, pushing and damaging enemies back.

Tempest Thrust Kriss charges up a powered thrust, which stabs through many enemies that stand before him.


A perfectionist girl who lost her parents when she was a baby due to the bout of plague caused by a mad chimera that hit Windenfel. Due to her nature, she excels at almost everything, from archery to all manners of wild adventures, and even risky mining escapades. Because of her courage, Harly was given a special arrow by Geovaldi. A gift she got for saving Geovaldi’s drowning son in the Jula River. Harly can be played for free as one of two free-to-play characters available.


Song of Arrows Harly does five attacks in succession, flying Arrows at enemies all around. Falling Star Harly leaps into the air and shoots a powered shot down the ground, pushing and damaging enemies back. Piercing Heavens Harly charges up a huge shot, which pierces many enemies that stand before her.


A shy yet gifted scholar from the Regenfall family who has been learning magic since she was young. Ryella uses magic to conjure elements into physical projectiles. She has a twin sister named Richelle, who is a herbalist.


Ice Strike When surrounded by enemies Ryella can drop a heavy (and deadly) spike of ice. Glacial Spike Useful for enemies at a distance, Ryella can drop a glacial wall to pulverize opponents.

Frostbite Ryella can throw water at an opponent and freeze it in mid-air so it becomes a dangerous ice weapon.


The sixth warrior of the hidden Dryad tribe who is tasked to protect Quarombi. Being the youngest of the forest warriors, he was charged by chief Temaroa to conceal his people and birthplace from outsiders. Fhiraz, however, is a proud believer of honor and harmony with the other races of Eizper. Destined as an adventurer, his calling and warrior oath forces him into exile.


Earth Slam Fhiraz slams down his ax with a powerful thrust to cut opponents in half. Rising Gaia Fhiraz slices up with his ax, catching enemies by surprise. Tecton Impact Bedrock's answer to his call as columns juts up from the ground and destroys enemies surrounding Fhiraz.

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