Eizper Chain
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From Mechanical Swords, Poisonous Arrows, and Tomes of Ancients, meet the many and mighty weapons that form up your arsenal!
Water is an element of balance, as it nourished Mother Nature and quell fire. The swords in this series were made by the elements found in the Lakeside Field. They are flexible and won't let you sink under those enemies!
Axes are made to split objects in two, but these water axes are special! Made from the magical water and elements of the Lakeside Field, these axes will slow down your enemies and make your movements more flexible.
Once, the pirates soared through the sky, in the arms of the wind. Now, their remains are made into bows, with the ability to precisely hit their targets and produce greater critical chance! Let your arrows flow with the wind in the hands of these bows!
Dead men tell no tales but hear ye, the undead is full of tales. From a beginner bucaneer's first shot to the deadly aim of the captain's choice gun, hear ye the cries of those whom the pirate’s guns have wounded. These guns will also raise your critical hit chance!
The pirates are the most secretive beings in Eizper. But not anymore! When they died and became the undeads, brave warriors had gone to their lair and stole their knowledge of battle. Now, you can use these tomes and learn how to raise your critical chance in one attack!